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Private goods transport services

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In your home or other places you specified for your goods for professional packing
1, cardboard boxes, packaging materials using the finest quality includes the various uses of waxed paper, cardboard, foam paper pre packaged object all pottery, glassware, documents, books, utensils, ornaments and other need special attention.
In 2, kraft paper and when necessary will join padding protection furniture.
3, if necessary, only pay 85 yuan, we will provide service to the relevant clothes hanging suitcase.
4, if necessary, we will provide the wooden cases for packing the mirror, picture, marble and other special objects, this additional fee.
* packing field have a qualified and English supervisor to carry out supervision
1, the goods to customers to check
2, supervision and packing workers
3, in both Chinese and English on all packaged goods list
4, monitoring the goods in the appropriate box in the * if you select the bulk cargo transportation, we provide high density full wooden loading your goods, and then put into the container box waterproof.
* if you choose is the entire cabinet transport, we will be very suitable heart of container to load and protect your items, and directly onto the ship.
* we will have colleagues supervision related to follow China's customs formalities, and prepare the relevant documents.
* select reliable shipping company and in accordance with the need to schedule your time.
* to provide clear, accurate shipping documents and instructions to ensure efficient and punctual goods to destination.

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