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Pet transportation

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Pet checked baggage can be checked pet varieties:
Dog, cat
A pet, domestic transportation Guangzhou pet transportation regulations:
Baggage: as long as there is oxygen chamber can be checked, by China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines generally recommended, China Eastern Airlines, with 32 kg limit the pet cage can be checked
Freight consignment: Guangzhou general use of China Southern Airlines, China Southern Airlines require dog plus cage above 30 kilograms to use steel cage, also need to wire mesh reinforcement reinforcement pet checked again dozen wood
Air ticket: - pet dogs and cats and master the same flight, together with the luggage consignment, reach the objective and luggage together in the baggage turntable extract;
Freight - Pet separate consignments, destination individually, upon arrival at the airport freight station extraction; I Division can also provide after arriving at the destination, customs clearance, door-to-door service for pet transportation service guarantee: the government issued a valid license, with offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other big city, is one of the largest pet transportation service providers; strict implementation of the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued in 1996 Chinese living animal air transport security standard, pet air transportation security; integrity of the company, the staff sincerely, our service tenet: take care of your pets like love their family.
Reminder: aviation regulations, pet in air transport died en route to ego; in vivo pet transportation not for air transportation insurance;
Two, pet international transportation injection of rabies vaccine:
Now domestic rabies vaccine (Rabies) are imported, common brand has Holland pet Biwei (former Intervet), France Vic, America Pfizer, France Merial; for each country of rabies vaccine injection time requirements are different, the general is the pre entry is at least 30 days in advance of the injection, valid for a period of 365 days, but the EU at least 4 months injection advance, Singapore 6 months in advance, to Japan 7 months earlier, to the South Korea 3 months ahead of schedule, please contact our customer service shall prevail. Injection chip: the Chinese official designation is ISO format animal chip operating frequency (modulation): ASK, 134.2 KHz, the signal transmission protocol: in line with the international standard ISO 11785, Animal Identification Format: ISO 11784 / FDX-B international standard. PET examination: dog: will be seized items include: clinical examination, blood routine, canine distemper, canine parvovirus, coronavirus, heartworm. Cat: examination items include: clinical examination, blood routine, feline distemper, feline leukemia, feline infectious peritonitis. In addition, can also provide the corresponding check according to the different requirements of the country, such as rabies antigen test, rabies antibody detection, Leptospira, Leishmania check check. Rabies antibody test: using the method of RFFIT precision detection in animal serum rabies antibody titer levels, the results were determined by fluorescence microscopy. International standard antibody titer should be higher than 0.5 international units, namely the antibody level in more than 0.5 international units, can determine the animals have enough anti rabies virus infection ability. Entry permit: some countries need entry clearance requirements, such as Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Tanzania, Australia, New Zealand, please contact our customer service shall prevail.
Three, by the Hongkong pet transportation
Because you want to bring a beloved pet dog and cat entry and trouble? We are professional and effective pet inbound service can make you relaxed and carefree to bring it home. Our services include: - for your pet to apply for entry permits - assist to complete and prepare related documents or to provide advisory services, to provide customs clearance and the airport or port feeder services - provides the transport of pets to the destination, the quarantine station or pet dormitory service. From the origin to the destination of the point-to-point service (request for quotation) pet entry Hongkong process and need certificate: - 15 days in advance about the order, advance the cost of processing, we go through the entry permit of Hongkong import permit entry requirements have rabies vaccine records of Rabies vaccine in Hongkong, 30-365 days, Hongkong entry requirements Hongkong animal health certificate Animal Health version Certificate - injection electronic chip Microchip, using AVID type wafer advice, ISO models could also. Precautionary needle, other infectious diseases: the dog (canine distemper, canine distemper virus hepatitis infectious canine, canine viral hemorrhagic enteritis hepatitis and canine parvovirus), cat (cat distemper feline Panleucopaenia, cat complex diseases of respiratory system feline respiratory disease complex) 14-365 days effective - pregnancy more than around not entry, not full five month pet not enter.

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