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Scope of business
1 sea
* to provide import and export the entire cabinet, bulk cargo LCL business
* professional special cabinet (frozen cabinet, open top cabinets, cabinets hanger frame, cabinet etc) business.
Ocean bills of lading.
* the design of efficient transportation solution for customers
* cargo tracking
The 2 airlift
* global air freight and courier door to door service
The 3 logistics service
* the export customs declaration, inspection and quarantine, fumigation Service etc..
* ship from the air and sea cargo delivery services, access to the warehouse, wharf loading and unloading, and destination distribution service.
* origin destination full container trailers, super high overweight cargo distribution services. ,
* the door to door, door to port, and the province of inland transport service
* global agency network, especially in Europe, America, land and sea transport services
The 4 international express
We are DHL international express, UPS international express, FEDEX international express, TNT international express, EMS international express company agent partners, can be more safe and more efficient international express service. For the import by express mail goods detained by Chinese customs agent customs clearance procedures can be.

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