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Warehousing services

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I Division in Guangzhou and Shanghai each have 2000 square meters of one warehouse, as goods warehouse. But this business until the beginning of next year really into our management, so now, please help me do this page, but do not require the promotion and optimization, thank you ~ ~
* * modern warehousing management
Our Guangzhou and Shanghai branch respectively with standard warehouse of nearly 2000 square meters, traffic is very convenient, all warehouse are installed smoke alarm, riot lamp and automatic sprinkler system, 24 hours CCTV all-round monitoring can provide 24 hours of storage, loading and unloading, stacking, sorting, processing, packaging, bar code of goods and information processing treatment for customers service. Electric forklift, hydraulic vehicles has more than 20 Taiwan, the realization of mechanization operation, improve work efficiency.
The main advantage of:
1 import and fast and accurate: import goods work by standardization, the ship management standardization, mechanization, automation, provides the powerful safeguard for the client access to the cargo.
2 convenient information service in time: the company through the "ERP system" for customers to provide cargo storage real-time query and statistical services, the convenience of customers at any time to master the cargo.
3 to reduce the inventory and storage: Based on the goods in stock, intelligent management of import and process, can quickly capture the best inventory, reduce inventory and customer rental purposes.
4 in the Guangzhou area and a transit warehouse, can provide the goods, receiving and convenient for the customer delivery, packaging business

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