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American new immigrants enter

Published:2014-10-27   Source:   Author:   Popularity:Times

Each new entry to immigrants at the port of entry, customs officials will carry on immigration luggage whether there is contraband and whether need to levy tariffs for inspection.
Be tariff free goods
(a): the use of personal property for personal wear clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, hunting or fishing equipment, cameras, portable radio and other similar items such as individual, only for personal use, can be exempted from taxation. The above items can be with you for entry and exit. If you are immigrants to America, belongs to personal use from the tax value of $300 or more jewelry and other personal ornaments, such as non payment of customs duties, shall not be sold within 3 years. Yet that the tax the sale of goods will be seized confiscated.
(two) alcoholic beverages: 21 years old non USA residents (Non-resident) can bring duty-free entry 1 litres of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages, Wine, but only for personal use. More than the number of alcoholic beverages will be levied customs duties and domestic taxes. In addition, in addition to the federal law, you must also comply with more stringent than federal law may be related to the laws of the state of alcoholic beverages.
(three) tobacco products: passengers can be tax-free into a cigarette (200), or 50 cigars, or 2 liters (4.4 pounds) of tobacco, the various items or pro rata. Produced in the Cuban cigars either their own use or gifts are banned from entering the United states.
(four) household items: duty-free imports of furniture, tableware, books, art and other household items.
(five) the tax-free gift: non residents (Non-resident) can be duty-free up to $100 worth of gifts. To make the gift tax exemption, you must stay at least more than 72 hours in the United States, while the gift must be with you.

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