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New immigrants entering the report notes

Published:2014-10-27   Source:   Author:   Popularity:Times

1, pay attention to immigration validity: the validity period of a year, is your immigration medical examination after the start, or your passport expiry date, which in the former is which. You come to Canada. Valid date not later than, can't postpone. If you miss a period of validity, had to apply for afresh, all processes and new applications.
2, to bring enough allowance: immigration officials will ask how much money, may let you count out. He wants to know if you should bring the housing fee. You must have, otherwise may not let you enter. Should you apply claim amount. A principal applicant must be at least $10000, each one more family members, plus $2000, that is to say: a family of three people to take 10000+2000+2000 = $14000. Of course, bank draft or traveler's check is also ok. Canadian foreign exchange import and do not limit, you bring in money, can also take out.
3, prepare a landing address entry: no matter where you live in the city, or after which, it is best to prepare a address, can find a relative or friend's address, the entry to fill in or be asked, if no address, can be in after landing on the Internet providing or call and inform the immigration, maple leaf card will be in 1 months after the mail to.
4, customs clearance note: all personal items of new immigrants to avoid import taxes. If you have personal items this without a plan for the future, one year brought in, must now fill, called "goods to follow after the goods". This time you carry things and reporting for "goods to follow" personal items, are exempt from import duty. But if you do not use after this, bring, may be required to pay taxes. It is best to prepare a list indicating goods, English type, quantity, amount of $. Note that the goods to follow must be landing before you have. Buy outside landing after things into Canada to pay taxes. In order to avoid trouble, the most convenient way is to retain the purchase invoices, in order to keep to the Canadian customs confirmation that this is landing before buying. Goods to follow is described as much detail as possible, so as to avoid future customs does not acknowledge. Especially the more valuable things, such as, camera, electric appliance, stating the name brand, serial number, etc.. For valuable jewelry, regardless of whether or not to carry landing, a list of all the best, do a detailed description of the jewelry, pay customs officials view the approval. Note that the new immigrants of personal items exempt, not including business purposes. So, if asked about the use of items, to be careful. As is for work or for sale, is the business activities, to pay taxes.
Canada customs very strict. Landing no problem, because the new immigrants goods duty-free, so too lazy to find you. But in the future you will see the addition of import customs staff is how hard. Prepare and thoughtful, may be fined. Whenever an entry, pay special attention to such as plants, fruits and vegetables, meat and things don't take, free of trouble.
On the table: GOODS TO LIST (B4A) to at least two, as the GOODS TO FOLLOW, in addition to fill out a 4A GOODS TO FOLLOW, tick in the options, B4-01EF is the customs owned copy form, such as B4A, B4-01EF and B4A in after completing attached by the customs officials. Cigarettes and alcohol are carrying the limit, for example 1 200 cigarettes / adult / adult, 1 bottles of liquor.

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