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6 events of immigration after landing to do

Published:2014-10-27   Source:   Author:   Popularity:Times

There are probably many people wrote about it, ha ha, I just tidy, coupled with my own experience, ha ha, I hope everyone likes. Recommended for new, and is about to visit friends!
1 after landing, there is usually a temporary shelter, rest. This sentence is nonsense. Rest well, under the circumstances to buy some to living things, first of all, buy a Melway, this thing is definitely the new PR's need to buy the thing, and then buy all kinds of daily necessities, it is nothing but pots and pans, wash supplies what. Of course, a phone card to the home reported a safe.
2 familiar with the living environment, familiar with city, with Melway, not afraid to find the way. To see how the traffic, by tram, train and bus, see the zone1.2.3 is how to divide, familiar with metcard, of course, we all know that 2hr * 10times is the best choice.
3 open bank accounts, saving money, do bank saving card, this we all know. Bank of choice, or to the bank, what ANZ ah, Commonwealth ah, national ah, westpak ah, of course, familiar with the HSBC of hsbc. Do not blindly choose no annual fee, must have at least a monthly card, easy to use, no limit.
4 landing 10 days later, go to your nearest Medicare office Medicare card.
5 to your nearest Centrelink registration, registration of Network and Job. Give the child registration, registration of welfare.

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