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The United States customs experience

Published:2014-10-27   Source:   Author:   Popularity:Times

Beijing customs China sometimes find pirated CDs, Shanghai customs generally do not check. If your plane is flying from Beijing to Shanghai, and then fly America, usually in Beijing check luggage.
On USA customs, some people said he what are band, all right. There is no smoke to smoke, to you, you will be in trouble. I always be open packet inspection, I did not let them see, each have a smooth customs clearance. And I once and the customs of the people talked, the following are some experience. Customs entry card, a copy of each, one or each. The United States customs do not check the disk. With pirated CDs to this band, throw the skin away, installed in the CD package, who also don't know what it is. If you have the package, and out of the United States software, for example windows, in the United States by the open package inspection, you're screwed. If you like to packaging, the China game, CD, DVD the United States Customs is no matter, because they not know is not genuine, piracy is also does not affect the interest of Usa Inc. The discs are tax-free, without Customs declaration.
Here the open package inspection is generally random, draw a 5 inside, have pumped full of food. You will want to add a declaration in the plane of the thing, I will speak later how to fill out. If you want to bring food, must report, or catch you, the first time is not necessarily what, but if you're out of luck, may be fined and imprisoned. If the cash, traveler's checks of more than $10000, must be reported, or confiscated. If you, will not let you pay taxes, is register.

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